Lavender and Wild Flowers- A Photography Cliche

Lavender and Wild Flowers- A Photography Cliche

Every where I look on Instagram and blogs at the moment the feeds are in full swing floral mode. Children amongst the lavender and bunches of wildflowers beaming in the sunshine it is truly a beautiful time of year! The sunshine we’ve had so far has been amazing and we’ve made the most of the weather so far.

You all know I’m an avid photographer and I’ve been dying to get into a lavender field so this weekend we set off to find one. I’d had a few recommendations and found out that Alton Lavender fields had an open weekend. ¬†We set off for the hour drive armed with a picnic to enjoy the sunshine.

It was lovely seeing the rows of lavender broken up with the rows of wildflowers. I actually think the wildflowers are my favourite as they really are so beautiful. But having never seen that much lavender in one place the sea of purple was pretty wonderful too!

I was among many others armed with cameras and asking small children to smile which was nice. Everyone there was snapping pictures of themselves in amongst the flowers. It was so nice to take these photos and my Mum took some of myself and Amelia that I love! We quite often have photos together but these are definitely some of my favourites.

It was a lovely day and the perfect way to spend a day before a new chapter began (I’ve started a new job, more details on that to come!)

So here are some photos of our time that day;


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  1. 18th August 2017 / 7:39 pm

    Beautiful pics I love the wild flowers too xx

  2. 9th October 2018 / 5:04 pm

    Wow! You and your daughter really enjoyed the experience with lavender. I love lavender too!

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