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Little Girls Bedroom Tour

Today I’m sharing an updated bedroom tour for you to take a look at. I’ve already previously shared Amelia’s bedroom and it’s numerous changes of bedding and other bits before on the blog but I wanted to share some new photos including a few new items and a video room tour of Amelia’s bedroom.

I think that this bedroom is perfect for that age of toddlers to little girls it has just enough colour and style but doesn’t look too babyish or too grown up. It has a tonne of storage which is just what little people need for the mass of “stuff” they seem to have but has enough space for Amelia to play.


I toyed with the idea of cosy-ing up the room for Autumn/Winter but couldn’t quite find the right things I was after but I’m loving it being a really bright space on those dull days as it totally lifts your mood. I think this room is a bit of a mix of classic style with the pale pinks and floral tones in there but also has some quirky bits with the funky shelves and the sometimes clashing mix of patterns which is actually one of my favourite parts about the room.

Furniture wise nothing has changed as I really love all the furniture that’s in the room. The bed, bookcase and wardrobe are all from IKEA as well as the little table and chairs. The cube storage is from Argos and the boxes inside are H&M.

Many of the touches such as the sprinkles bedding, bunting, townhouse shelves, teepee, storage cart and coat hooks are from one of our favourite shops Great Little Trading Company who just have the most amazing pieces for bedrooms. And a few of the styled bits such as the lights and lolly cushion are from This Modern Life.

The newest addition to Amelia’s bedroom is the RainCloud Pendant Light shade from Value Lights which is so beautiful. Up to now there had been a beaded shade in there that I never really liked nor disliked but could never quite find the right one until this one. It goes perfectly with the themes of the room and just looks gorgeous. Amelia loves it and so do I, it really is one of those perfect finishing touches.


Another new part of the bedroom is the framed art wall above the table and chair area next to the teepee. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and had the frames in the cupboard also for a while but now it’s complete I’m so happy with it and I can’t wait to expand it further. I’ve actually written a separate post on that here.


I’ve also had a huge tidy of the room since the last share and it feels a lot different in the space itself. The bookcase has been thinned out a lot so rather than it being full of chaos it now is still pretty full but in a nice way and the toy box has been organised and thinned out so that Amelia can get to things without it causing mass mess on the way. I’m trying to keep it less cluttered and so far it’s working really well and definitely looks much nicer that way.













So if the photo’s of the bedroom tour aren’t quite enough and you want to have a further peek inside Amelia’s bedroom take a look at the video here which shows it just in a little more detail and you can get a better picture of the room itself. Any questions about where anything is from please just leave a comment and I will get back to you!


Thanks for reading!xx




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  1. Momma Jones
    2nd January 2017 / 11:16 pm

    I love this room. The rain cloud light fitting is great. The cot looks pretty cramped, though. 🙂

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