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Little Ondine | Review

    I don’t tend to review beauty products because to be quite honest I’ve got no idea what I’m talking about and I’m quite set in my favourites and small amount of products I use. But when I was asked to test out a quick drying, odour free, natural nail polish from Little Ondine I was keen to say yes as us Mum’s definitely need all of these things.

I was sent two colours to test out and I love them both;

LO74 | Morning Glory

LO66 | Cuddle


This nail polish is unlike any other I’ve used before. Here are the main features of Little Ondine:

– Natural Ingredients

– Odour Free

– Quick Drying 

– Easy Peel Off

– Bold Colours

All of the above is true. I was absolutely baffled with how it just doesn’t smell of anything; it is a water based nail polished with organic colourants only using the best minerals from around the world giving you “a pure organic colour that gives it a smooth texture whilst hydrating your nails”. As a Mum I would never paint my nails with normal nail polish with Amelia around as the smell is so toxic and strong bit with Little Ondine I definitely could. 

Finding the time to paint your nails when your a Mum is also another factor. Sometimes I just don’t have time to wait an hour for my nails to dry but using this nail polish it literally takes around 5 minutes to paint it and for it to be dry. It’s fantastic and perfect for Mum’s on the go. You could paint your nails on the way to work, before you rush out the door or at home with your children. Sometimes having your nails painted is just the thing you need to boost your mood when you’ve had a tough Mum day with tantruming toddlers, I know it is a real mood lifter for me and using this polish makes it SO much easier. 


I really hate chipped nails, I would rather have unpainted nails than them with loads of chips in and the great thing about using Little Ondine nail polish is that if you get a chip (which I haven’t) you can just peel them off. Mess and stress free, peel off and repaint. This also removes another toxic element from the nail painting process; nail polish remover which smells just as strong as the nail polish itself. I find using a nail polish remover to really dry out my nails but using this polish completely stops that and my nails feel healthier than ever.

All of these elements just make this nail polish a huge win for me. This is one I would definitely keep in my bag in case I fancied doing my nails on the way out. I haven’t had the nail polish chip yet but as it’s a peel off polish if you knock the tips of your nails it does surface slightly but peeling it off is pretty satisfying!! 


I’m really happy with the bold and strength of the colour considering it is all nautral. I love the Morning Glory shade the most out of the two; perfectly pastel for the sunshine we are finally getting.



The Cuddle shade is perfect for the slightly more subtle nail polish colour. The nude shade is perfect for a day to day wear and leaves a stylish finish. Both of them leave an almost gel, glossy finish which I love!



Overall I am really impressed with the Little Ondine nail polish’s and will definitely be beginning my own collection of them as I would love to have more colours. They are more expensive than your high street nail polish but I think it is definitely worth it for the benefits. 

You can buy yours from here.

Thanks for reading!xx



  1. 20th June 2015 / 3:08 pm

    These look lovely. I am so into painting my nails at the moment, but the smell can be so off putting!! These look great xx

  2. Barbara
    14th October 2016 / 5:24 am

    Hi ladies, thanks for your review.
    How long is the polish lasting on your nails? I bought the Glaze Me Shellac kit and do love it. Polish lasts at least 2 weeks. But curious about this product.

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