Lolly Stick Ballerinas

Lolly Stick Ballerinas

The best crafts are the ones that you can throw together last minute and that still occupy little ones and are fun to do. These Lolly Stick Ballerinas are nice and simple and don’t need a tonne of craft bits to make them.

You Will Need;

  • Lolly Sticks
  • Cake Cases
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pens

Making the lolly stick ballerinas is pretty self explanatory and it’s a great one for little ones to get stuck into helping; folding the cake cases, colouring the faces on and bending the pipe cleaners!

  1. Choose your Lolly Stick I have a mix of the small ones and a few larger ones but it would work absolutely fine with either!
  2. Choose your cake cases the prettier the pattern the better.
  3. Fold the case in half and glue it to your stick to act as the Ballerina’s tutu you might also want to glue to case together so it doesn’t flap about.
  4. If it’s a full length pipe cleaner cut it in half and bend it around to be the Ballerina’s arms.
  5. Draw on a face, hair and ballet shoes.
  6. As an extra Amelia wanted to stick ‘bows’ on the Ballerina’s so we used these little heart foam stickers.
  7. Let them dry and ENJOY!


There are so many ways you can customise your Ballerina’s with different coloured hair, tutu’s and ballet shoes and they will be loads of fun to dance about the room afterwards. Amelia loved these and was so proud with how they came out.

You could even double up on the cake cases making the tutu’s fuller or different coloured layers and lengths to create your full cast of Swan Lake!

Let me know if you try this craft out and why not check out these Lolly Stick SuperHeroes as they are just as simple and fun.

Thanks for reading!xx




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