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Make Your Own Pasta Necklaces

I’m always after quick activities to do with Amelia so when we had some left over pasta from our Hello Fresh box this week the idea of making pasta necklaces with it seemed like the perfect thing to do. It’s a great activity that uses both creativity and fine motor skills when painting and threading the pasta. It’s also really simple and uses bits that you probably already have!

You Will Need:

  • Pasta (Penne/Rigatoni)
  • Paint
  • Ribbon/Thread/String

The left over pasta we had was rigatoni and I actually think this was slightly better as it’s bigger so not as fiddly but we will definitely try it out with Penne at some point.

Lay out a messy mat/some floor coverage and then a sheet of paper or newspaper to do your painting on top of. As your trying to fully cover the pasta it does get a little messy but nothing to bad.

Get painting and get creative, Amelia went for a variety of different colours all over each bit of pasta which looked really cool. She concentrated really hard to paint each bit of pasta and by the end understood there was no need to paint the inside of the pasta!

You could for older children paint a specific amount in each colour or bring in pattern ideas; half the pasta one colour the other half another, spots or stripes!

Pasta Necklaces

Pasta Necklaces

Pasta Necklaces

Once all painted leave them to try; this didn’t take long but we ended up leaving them over night just as it was late afternoon when we did the painting.

The next morning we chose some ribbon to thread our pasta¬†on; again I chose ribbon as it’s a bit bigger and easier to old for little fingers. But using thread/string would work exactly the same.

I popped all the painted pasta into a bowl and Amelia got going making her necklaces. She was really good at the threading and this is so good for fine motor skills. As it’s not a particularly complex task and wasn’t one that took long Amelia concentrated long enough to do two necklaces and I did a third along side her. I think it’s always nice to do the activities together as then it gives her a bit more encouragement to keep going and we can talk about it together.




Once complete the only left to do was to try on our finished pasta necklaces which turned out fab!


The pasta does get a little softer when painted so it can break a little easier but should be fine for making the necklaces, we only had a couple of pieces break that already had slight cracks in.


Let me know if you make any pasta necklaces, I would love to see them!


Thanks for reading!xx




  1. Left Back
    7th October 2016 / 8:08 pm

    been meaning to do this for ages it looks like great fun.

  2. Granny Annie
    26th March 2018 / 7:17 pm

    How adorably cute! A great fine motor activity too!

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