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Mid-week Shopping Spree - alice & amelia
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Mid-week Shopping Spree

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Did a bit of a mid-week shopping splurge!

Ok so maybe nappies and baby wipes can’t be classed as a splurge but still.

Whenever I’m at the shops I can’t help myself but to by clothing for Amelia. Baby clothes are just too lovely to say no to sometimes and today was no different. I went into Monsoon and looked at the baby bits; they have some gorgeous spring/summer outfits including lots of little sets of dresses and knickers, leggings and tops or trousers and tops. Too many to choose from. I let myself get one set…

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The elephant I instantly fell in love with and when I saw it came with these light-weight summer trousers I just couldn’t resist. I love seeing big bold patterns on baby clothes and thought these would be perfect for a maybe soon to be crawling baby and the possible sunshine on its way for the rest of Spring and Summer (one can hope right?!) I thought that the white frilly top would also go perfect with the trousers and with a lot of other things Amelia has too. She doesn’t have much white which is probably a safe bet but she isn’t too mucky so hopefully it won’t get ruined. I like that its frilly and has the embedded floral pattern which would be perfect for a special occasion!

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In Waterstones at the moment they have a great offer on which includes quite an array of books; buy one get one half price.  Amelia has tonnes of books but a lot of them are by similar authors or collections (Julia Donaldson, Peter Rabbit collection, Wibbly Pig, Humphreys corner etc…) The I Love Mum book is a Mothers Day present to myself it’s a really sweet tale and perfect for a bedtime story. I then had a quick flick through the others on offer and enjoyed Aunt Amelia (Aunt Amelia comes to look after the children and they have a really fun time doing everything but what is left on the list their parents gave them). It was very much coincidence that is Amelia. It’s a great offer that I could have really taken advantage of but two new books is enough for now!

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I then went to M&S; not somewhere I got that often only really for underwear sometimes and baby bits! I don’t get that much from there but these caught my eye. She has a vest with a top attached (looks like a peplum top) from Boden which she has worn and worn and basically over-worn so when I saw this I loved the small dot flower pattern and the neutral colours and just know that Amelia will get lots of wear out of it. And the knitted dress; although its getting slightly warmer I still love it. The neckline and button knitted detail is so sweet and pastel colours are so in right now so why not let Amelia get on trend. The tights it came with are also super cool and tights can be used with lots of other dresses she has too. It is a great item because again like the white floral top it could be a bit more of a special occasion outfit. Not sure what special occasions I’m planning on Amelia wearing them too but I’m sure I will find use. Also when it gets too hot this could be really cute with just white ankle socks!

photo 5

I then just popped into Asda was in need of nappies and these are my current choice. They are £10 for 90 which I think is fantastic. The quality of them I think is great and they have a fairly simple plain design. Some nappies can be quite garish with huge characters and patterns all over them. I swear by these Huggies pure wipes and these were on offer £10 for 12 packs; again a bargain! Had to grab those. However at this point my underneath storage on the buggy was full of bags and I had to lug two boxes back to the car…not very easy whilst manoeuvring the buggy. An extra pair of hands wouldn’t have gone a miss but couldn’t say no to these final bargains!

I did get some bits for my Mum for Mothers Day but there is a slight possibility she might see this so don’t want to spoil anything (not that it’s anything fancy Mum if you are reading!).

Love getting some bargains and there really isn’t much that satisfies me more than a successful shopping trip and hanging up new bits when you get home. Well hanging up Amelia’s new bits!

Have you been on a shopping spree recently?

Thanks for reading xx

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