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Miffy Books | Miffy Mums - alice & amelia
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Miffy Books | Miffy Mums

It is Miffy’s 60th Birthday this year and I was asked to help Miffy celebrate her birthday by being a Miffy Mum. So over the next year I will be sharing lots of Miffy products with you which I’m really excited about. 

60 years miffy

So to start with I’m going to share with you a little review of a few Miffy Books we received. 

– Miffy’s Birthday

– Miffy is Crying

– Miffy at the Playground



These are the first Miffy books Amelia has ever read and it’s a really nice variety of themes. I’ll be honest when I saw the title of one of them about crying I was a bit worried but it’s a lovely story and Amelia points to her tears and says ‘oh no’ which is really sweet. 

What I love about them is the simplicity, not just the words but the illustrations. It’s nice to have a variety of stories and books for children to read and I love how these timeless books have now evolved to become really modern in style with the simple illustrations. 


As Miffy celebrates 60 years in just a few weeks time, Miffy has finally completed a 2 year makeover. 18 of Dick Bruna’s stories have been changed to aim to attract a new generation of modern young fans. I think they will definitely do this with the bold colour scheme and perfectly white bunny. 


Amelia loves “bunnies” so she loves these Miffy books and she’s at that age where she wants to point to everything she recognises and tell you what it is and that is really easily done with these books. I love the varying sizes as the larger Birthday book is perfect for reading together or for Amelia to share with her friends. Although they are paper, the smaller ones are great for Amelia to look at herself and turn the pages and the larger size is just right for a bedtime story. 

Miffy Books Collage

I could definitely see us getting some more of the Miffy book collection as I really like them and Amelia does to. You can buy Miffy books directly from the Miffy Official Shop or from book stores such as Waterstones.


You can keep up to date with Miffy and her big Birthday celebrations on Twitter and FacebookAlso keep your eyes peeled for how myself and Amelia celebrated Miffy’s birthday this year!


Thanks for reading!xx



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