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My Child is NOT a Fussy Eater!


I wasn’t sure I was going to write this but just felt the urge to rant and ask you all for some advice as I am not ready to admit that my child is a fussy eater. My blog is great for letting you know what we get up to and my advice but I’m always so overwhelmed by the support and comfort readers and other bloggers have to offer.

I haven’t written about Amelia’s eating habits since June so this is a little update for you all.

Amelia once we got into weaning always did so well with food and was keen to try new things and soon enough was eating all of the same meals as us. This lasted probably just under a year until the end of this summer just been. Breakfast and lunch still goes down pretty well and she’s got to the age where she will ask for different things that she fancies which makes life a bit easier but dinner time is proving hard work.

It isn’t religiously poor every night but at the moment it is happening a lot more and it’s getting frustrating. All meals we eat are home cooked completely from scratch full of vegetables and nutritious food and it’s so annoying when Amelia won’t even try these meals that she used to eat happily.


We all sit down as a family to eat and this always worked so well as Amelia could see we were eating the same thing but now it’s just becoming really hard work. You’ll sit her down for a meal bring it over and she will just look at it and say no and push it away if your lucky or it ends up on the floor sometimes. Throughout us eating our dinner I will keep offering hers again but she just doesn’t want it. She then goes on to ask for some fruit and a yoghurt and I’m in a quandary as to whether I should let her have these things or if she doesn’t try her main meal then she gets nothing else. It feels so wrong sending her to bed without any dinner and it just ends in tears if you try to get her down from the table.

Then after a week of rubbish meals she will completely surprise me and polish off her entire dinner. Or some nights she will have about two mouthfuls then push it away and say no. So it’s almost like she’s doing it to be naughty or for the attention rather than not enjoying the food. The most irritating part is if she tried it I know she would like it and eat it because she did the week before!


I think I feel like if I announce to the world that Amelia is a fussy eater that I’ve let her down.  Its my fault she’s not eating the foods she needs to every day and it’s my fault that she doesn’t like them. Maybe I should have tried foods differently when we were weaning or not given in that first time she didn’t want dinner. I don’t know how much harder I can try offering new foods and being persistent with old favourites whilst keeping my cool when she hurls food or cutlery everywhere.


AHH I could go round in circles talking about it but it’s so frustrating!! I don’t want to admit that my child is a fussy eater but maybe she is?! But can she just be fussy for dinner time and no other meals of the day.

Would LOVE to hear some of your fussy eating stories or tips you have for surviving dinner times without a plate of food ending up on the floor!

Thanks for reading!xx




  1. 28th October 2015 / 9:04 am

    Lamb has never eaten a home cooked meal in his life, other that home cooked purée as a baby! He lives of crisps most days.

    My advice from dealing with a fussy eater is, put the meal in front of her. Sit down and eat yours. Do not give her any attention if she says no. Just leave it and carry on with your meal. If it goes on the floor then that’s her dinner time over and she goes without.

    A health visitor once told me to leave food in front of them for 20 minutes as this is how long it can take them to eat a meal or realise they are hungry. After 20 minutes ask her if she has finished then take the plate away. Do not give her anything else. If she eats her meal then she gets fruit or a yoghurt, but if you give her this as an alternative, she will think she can get it every time.

    This definitely sounds like a phase Hun, I wouldn’t worry too much, just act like nothing is wrong, as soon as she knows she’s annoying you she will do it again.

    Hope this helps! Xxx

  2. 28th October 2015 / 9:12 am

    I can totally relate to this Alice and I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling like this. Bella used to be such a good eater while we were weaning and until just after her first birthday. She mostly always eats breakfast but lunch is a challenge as she’s not that fussed by bread. Dinner is hit and miss but she rarely finishes everything in front of her like she used to and like Amelia asks for fruit and yoghurt. I’m also finding it so difficult and frustrating when you cook a homemade dinner and then they just push it away. Here if you ever want to chat lovely! Xxx

  3. 28th October 2015 / 9:15 am

    I always worry about Charlie and now coming to weaning age about Oscar too. I always worry he doesn’t have enough we don’t give him the right things. It’s so natural to worry.!
    He’s started to refuse his dinner too! He’ll happily eat breakfast and mostly eat his lunch but when it comes to tea time he’ll refuse. It’s awful because we know he likes and eats it.
    We’ve been wondering if we are feeding him too late and that’s he’s to tired to be hungry so we’re going to bump tea time up half hour to see if that works. I shall report back.
    Don’t lose faith!xxx

  4. 28th October 2015 / 9:16 am

    Don’t worry you’re not alone and it’s definitely nothing you’ve done! We did blw with indie and she’s still going through this faze.

    We have started leaving food in front of her for up to half an hour. Then if she still hasn’t eaten it she gets down and that’s it. We don’t offer anything else as I feel like we’re giving in if we do and we want her to learn.

    I know a lot of kids go through this do u think we’ve just got to ride it out xx

  5. 28th October 2015 / 11:29 pm

    What can I say, your little girls and mine sound so similar! Emilia has just gone through that ‘fussy’ phase and I *think* we’re just about coming out the other side. I’m sure she’ll go back to being super fussy in a few months so we’re enjoying it whilst we can! We had it for about 8 months, she was fine with breakfast but wouldn’t touch lunch or tea or only have a few mouthfuls then she would cause such a fuss! The more we tried to get her to eat or encourage her, the more she resisted. I guess it was a control thing so in the end we stopped getting stressed about it and let her do her thing. We cut her milk right down and instead she got her dairy from food such as cheese sauces, yogurt, etc. When we stopped making a deal out of her not eating, she started eating proper meals. We give her small portions now and let her ask for more rather than overwhelm her with a full meal. She now loves staying at the table and talking to us, trying different foods, etc. I don’t really have many tips because I know how stressful it was, all I can say is it’s a phase and it too will pass! xx

  6. 29th October 2015 / 10:53 am

    I hope it is a phase hun, it probably is. Logan is a fussy eater and just won’t try things. It’s been going on ver over a year now. He always use to eat so well but then I gave in one time and that was it. Nursery is helping him as he is sitting with other children and copying. For me it’s perseverance and not giving in. I also give him at least one thing on his plate I know he will eat and then I leave it with him until he tells me it’s finished. Sometimes he can be sat at his table with his tea for half an hour but he will eventually eat something from it.

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