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MyWeeTeePee on the Beach - alice & amelia
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MyWeeTeePee on the Beach

As you all know we are huge beach lovers and it doesn’t take much to get us down enjoying the golden sands and beautiful views. This time we decided to take our brand new teepee down to the beach with us for some shade and a cute little extra for Amelia when we are up in the beach hut.


As a MyWeeTeePee Ambassador I’m going to be sharing our teepee adventures with you and how much fun they can bring and how handy they can be. MyWeeTeePee’s are beautifully handmade and custom designed teepee’s that are perfect for children’s playtime. All the teepee tents are made with care from soft but hardwearing 100% cotton canvas and applique designs and are stitched using the highest quality embroidery techniques creating wonderful play spaces for a child’s ever growing imagination.

I absolutely love the selection of teepee’s avaliable there are even some to choose from for pets which I think is so cute, Archie our would 100% love a teepee of is own he always comes to sleep in Amelia’s!



We went for the Isabella Flower Fairy Teepee, which is just beautiful. The flower fairy teepee is a mostly a classic cream colour paired with a gorgeous vintage floral fabric in shades of blue, yellow, green and purple. There is also a cute little fairy on the front. The combination of colours and the fairy design gives a perfect whimsical feel. Amelia straight away calls it her fairy tent and absolutely loves it. There is also some bunting in matching design which just finishes the teepee off.




It is really easy to put it together and I love the look of the wooden poles up against the fabric teepee they are really strong and the quality is brilliant. There is also a soft wadded base mat in the matching floral pattern with a non-slip backing meaning it won’t slip about on a hard floor and it won’t get ruined when out and about. It comes in a carry bag also in the floral pattern so you can pop it all away neatly. I’ve found I don’t take it apart each time but just push it together and use the ties and the bunting to hold it together and pop it in the car and take it wherever I want too.



It was great to take to the beach, I could pop it down on the sand and give us some marked out beach territory and Amelia could build her castles near it run backwards and forwards to the sea and hide in it when playing. It looked so lovely on the beach and I had lots of comments from passers by saying how nice it was.



We are lucky to have the beach hut but I could pop it out on the balcony to give Amelia a bit of shade. She could then nose out of the balcony and enjoy her lunch without getting to hot and bothered. I honestly thought it would be a bit of a faff having it with us but it wasn’t at all and if we didn’t have the beach hut or went to a different beach it would be so so handy. Offering stylish shade and endless options of fun games and ways to be enjoyed.



Amelia is so into her imaginative play these days and a MyWeeTeePee is a great platform for it. I think the teepee is finished to perfection and would be an amazing addition to any child’s bedroom, playroom or garden! Keep an eye out for more of our MyWeeTeePee Adventures.



Thanks for reading!xx








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