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Outside Painting

This weekend after not having the paints out for ages we decide to get them out and have a little paint. I thought as it was nice weather painting outside would be a lovely thing to do and it would be less messy. Well let me tell you I was wrong it was possibly more messy than when we doing painting and messy crafts up at the table so I won’t be doing it again in a hurry especially not in clothes like I made the mistake of this time. 

Like always with a craft or messy activity I like to get everything organised and sorted before Amelia comes barging in ready to charge. It makes it less stressful and means I can get my photo of it looking neat and tidy! I got this messy mat from pound land and is great for covering a table or laying down outside like I have done here. 

In hindsight sitting Amelia on the mat with the paint was always going to end badly but she did still enjoy herself and have fun which it is what it’s all about, even if she did cover her legs in paint, the mat and then sit on the painted mat (EEEK!)


Amelia’s main aim with painting tends to be getting as much paint on the brush and on the paper as possible. Same with the sponges, she’s not quite getting the point that covering the sponge in paint will do a few stamps rather than just one before it needs to be lathered in paint again.

Outside Painting Collage


Amelia also discovered a new technique; splattering! Which again led to a tonne of mess, but at least it wasn’t over the walls right?  Then we decided that the paint didn’t even need to be on the paper and to cover the mat instead. At this point I was regretting leaving Amelia’s leggings on!



My point of this post wasn’t to share with you a messy activity gone wrong. Just that with the nicer weather if you are a bit of a messy play avoider you could potentially if planned right (i.e. clothes you don’t mind getting messy) avoid a lot of indoor mess and do it outside. Last year we spent loads of time doing sensory activities inside the containment of the paddling pool and it made the clean up such a relief. 

After a mishap I will definitely not be falling into that trap again, Amelia will be in an old vest or some old clothes next time! At least Amelia enjoyed herself that’s what getting messy is all about.



Have you had an any messy play regrets?

Thanks for reading!xx



  1. 21st April 2015 / 4:12 pm

    Amelia looks like she LOVED it!! Like you said, at least the paint splatters weren’t up the walls!!

  2. 21st April 2015 / 9:40 pm

    Doing it outside looks like a good plan, I’ve kind of put off doing messy play/painting at home but outside looks like a better option!! x

  3. 23rd April 2015 / 7:58 pm

    Haha, this post made me smile! I love a good case of messy play, and this sure was messy..well done!! I wish we had a garden to be able to do things like this outside! xx

  4. 28th April 2015 / 1:01 pm

    haha this made me giggle as I too had the same thought about doing some painting in the garden with my little boy as I thought it’d be less messy… I was so wrong! There was paint all over him, his hair, the grass, all the patio and pebbles! She looks like she’s having lots of fun, and I’m loving the muffin tin paint palette! Fab idea xx

  5. Terrie
    20th May 2015 / 8:22 am

    When my older kids were younger and we had a garden, messy play was always outside! Now with my youngest I just have to suck it up and let her get messy indoors as we live in a flat. The way I see it is that shes only little once, whereas I can repaint the walls as many times as I like lol.

    Amelia looks like she had so much fun! Love the apron!

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