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Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

I am 100% obsessed with sleep. Being a new mum among everything else that now constantly fills my brain sleep is right up there! Now being obsessed with sleep I don’t mean getting lots of it because I can assure you that is not happening but it is something I spend the early hours of the morning obsessing over. So when I was pregnant everyone was constantly telling me to make the most of sleeping because when she’s arrived you won’t sleep EVER again (slight exaggeration) and how demanding the night feeds are. Now I do feel slightly deceived by Amelia; the first week or so the nights seemed to be easier than what they are now. She would go in her cot and wake every three hours for a feed. Now it is a much harder job to get her to actually settle in her cot. But anyway so now I…

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Stretch Mark Saviour

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I’m having a baby!?

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