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Persil Powergems keeping Family Clothes Clean - alice & amelia
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Persil Powergems keeping Family Clothes Clean

Washing is just one of those never ending jobs right?! There’s always washing to be folded, washing to be put away and well washing to wash. It’s a constant and potentially never ending battle for families. The amount of washing that children accumulate is incredible. Even now at nearly four Amelia there are some days when Amelia needs multiple outfits due to food spillages and just being a generally grubby toddler. Sometimes her clothes are perfectly clean but just could do with that extra to freshen them up a little.

We’ve been using the new Persil Powergems available in both bio and non-bio in 12,19 and 30 wash packs. Each pack comes with features an easy to use twist and lock closure system another precaution that’s great with kids around and the gems help to ensure the correct dose of Persil Powergems can be added into each wash.  After ten years of research and development Persil has brought this game changing detergent to the market. It comes in a unique gem format  and they provide triple action power of stain removal, care and long lasting freshness in one small concentrated dose. All of these things are exactly what I need to happen to our clothes.

Using the Persil Powergems has been super easy. As soon as you open the pack you are hit with a a strong smell of freshness which transfers to the clothes. The size of the pack is great as it doesn’t take up much space and because of the gems you won’t have a sticky detergent bottle that you have to wash your hands after grabbing.

Persil Powergems have triple power; removing stains, care and freshness and I definitely think they do all three of those things. These will definitely be going on the shopping list from now on.



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