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Polarn O. Pyret – Autumn Colour and Comfort

We live such a varied lifestyle from enjoying time at home playing with Amelia’s toys to getting stuck into the outdoors. Polarn O. Pyret offers clothing to suit all your needs. It’s so nice to find a clothing brand that has both colour, comfort as well as style in their clothing and that they have a range of both play clothes and everything you need for the changing seasons outside.

The Polarn O. Pyret website is full to the brim with breton stripes, bright colours, fun prints and all the clothing is made to the highest quality with over 30% of their collection being made from organic cotton or recycled materials. Simply put they try to make the best and most comfortable clothes with functional fabrics and the most ingenious solutions and after testing out some of their clothing they really do just that.


With the Summer coming to an end it’s nice to take full advantage of any sunny evenings we have left by getting down the beach and watching the sunset. Amelia would quite happily spend all her time at the beach collecting stones, playing in the sea and building sandcastles and to ensure she’s having a good time it’s nice to know she’s being kept warm as the Autumnal weather starts to creep in. The Polarn O. Pyret Kids Fleece Jacket is honestly one of the best pieces of clothing Amelia’s ever had.



It is bright pink meaning it goes with a lot of her clothes. It is such a quality piece of clothing being both wind and water resistant. This is great for us as even during Autumn and Winter we spend a lot of time outside. The fleece jacket is a soft supple fabric that keeps little ones warm but the jacket is still breathable. It is really soft and comfortable and comes with elasticated ribbed cuffs with a thumb hole, pre-bent sleeves, zip with chin guard and storm flap and it also attaches to Polarn O. Pyret’s shell jacket making the ultimate winter coat. I cannot recommend this jacket enough especially if your big outdoorsy people like myself and Amelia.




When the days are just too rainy to be outside or when a home day is just what you need Polarn O. Pyret have got you covered for that too.  They have a huge range of leggings, capri leggings and both short and long sleeved tshirts that are super comfortable and stylish. Even though were moving into Autumn they’ve kept the bright colours which I love!


Amelia is a gender stereotype challenger as her favourite colours are pink and blue, she loves playing with her cars and dinosaurs but also wants her toenails painted sparkly pink all the time. She likes what she likes with no worries and I absolutely love that. Polarn O. Pyret have unisex colours and clothing within their range allowing you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing clothing.

I just had to include this series of photos; the many faces of Amelia.




The leggings have an adjustable waistband which is brilliant, they are such a good sturdy legging  that have been well and truly tested by Amelia! The leggings come in a variety of colours and the cropped ones are great for play clothes. She loves the dinosaur top and would probably wear it every day if she could!



Had you heard of Polarn O. Pyret before? If not make sure to head over to their website to see what they have to offer!


Thanks for reading!xx





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