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Pumpkin Picking an Autumnal Afternoon at Sopley Farm - alice & amelia
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Pumpkin Picking an Autumnal Afternoon at Sopley Farm

By the time it hits October Autumn is in full swing and after not being quite ready for Summer to end throughout the entire month of September I’m full embracing the month of crunchy leaves, hot chocolates and Halloween! One of the most exciting parts of the month is heading to pick some Pumpkins!


We took a trip to Sopley Farm to pick some pumpkins, it’s the same place we went last year and as it was a week day we had the place to ourselves which was really cool! Of course whilst Amelia was wandering up and down the rows and rows of pumpkins I was snapping away on the camera and got some really lovely shots. It’s so nice to do these activities each year and have the photos to look back on!



I think in the last few years Halloween has become a bit more of a big deal here in the UK. Going from simply a night where everyone goes round knocking on doors for sweets to a bit more of a holiday that everyone get’s quite excited for. To be honest as a child I was never a big lover of Halloween but since having Amelia it is just another excuse to get crafting, baking and doing other fun bits. We’ve sourced out a couple of Halloween parties to go to and Amelia has announced she wants to be a pumpkin so I shall be in search of a seriously cute pumpkin outfit.


Sopley is a really lovely pick your own farm and is where we went during the summer for strawberry and raspberry picking which inspired me to make the no churn raspberry ripple ice cream (YUM!?) It has two huge patches of pumpkins and you can grab a sledge and fill it up with your choice of pumpkins.

Last year we opted for really really big pumpkins which were hard to carry so this year we chose a couple middle sized ones then Amelia chose a few really nice little ones, which are just so cute!



There’s something really lovely about looking out onto a sea of orange and seeing the pumpkins like this rather than labelled up in a supermarket with not as much choice. Amelia loved stomping through the patch and selecting her pumpkins, spotting the giant ones and finding the baby ones. It’s also just another way of getting out and about this Autumn, we also managed to fill a hat full of conkers which was really exciting as our previous attempts of conker hunting have been pretty lacking!





It’s a a nice activity you can do whether your into Halloween or not heading to your local pick your own farm and choosing a few pumpkins will definitely get you feeling Autumnal.

Thanks for reading!xx




  1. My Two Mums
    18th October 2016 / 1:24 pm

    We went here last weekend and had a lovely time. I love the moments you have captured.

  2. tess
    22nd October 2016 / 12:48 pm

    I’ve just shared a post too about our visit here! Its so seasonal and a lovely tradition for kiddos! Thanks for sharing, everything is cuter with pumpkins 🙂

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