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Series: Mummy Essential Project – Week 2

Mummy Bloggers Community is a blog and twitter feed run by Gemma from Sunshine on a cloudy day and hosts my favourite twitter chat of the week! The twitter chat is #mblogchat and runs on a Friday night between 8pm-9pm relating to all things mummy! It is always a super busy chat and you get to talk to so many different people! Make sure you follow @mummy_bloggers to keep up to date with that. There is also the Mummy Essential Project that takes a different theme each week for everyone to write a post on a topic and link up. It is great to share posts as something you write could really help someone! I know I’ve read lots of great advice through blogging and link-ups are an even better way of sharing.

mummy bloggers chat log

So this weeks Mummy Essentials Project is CLOTHING. Right I’m only supposed to talk essentials (hence the name) so I won’t jibber for too long about hours spent in Gap, Zara, Next and Jojo Maman Bebe!

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I made a huge mistake when it came to buying clothes and bought so many gorgeous dresses in 0-3month size. This was silly as they were too big and Amelia just looked so funny in dresses when she was a newborn! I would definitely stick with vests and sleepsuits for newborns with a couple of sweet outfits. Poor Amelia was dressed up in dresses just to get wear out of them; I ended up selling most of them as virtually brand new items!

IMG_0451 IMG_0473IMG_0460

As you can see she looks so mini in the dresses and the sleepsuit even looks big but much cosier for a newborn to be in that!!

Sleepsuits with the built in scratch mits are a serious MUST HAVE as the separate mits aren’t as good and they do fall off. Most places stop having them attached at about 6months but Jojo Maman Bebe are my lifesaver of a shop that keep mits on up to 12months I believe. Amelia still goes to bed with her hands covered sometimes (bit of a routine thing for her) so buying sleepsuits from there is great for us!

Now, getting dressed is a really key part of Amelia’s day. She knows that going into a sleepsuit means bedtime and getting dressed in the morning means she is up for the day! Some mornings I find it quite difficult getting Amelia dressed as there is too much choice!


Even though they are babies I think you find what clothes and colours suit them and what bits you like best. I bought a pair of dungarees before I had Amelia and then when I came to use them they were so awkward as they didn’t have poppers around the legs so to change her nappy you had to actually take the entire outfit off! Things like that you learn and her current pair of dungarees have poppers right round the legs (Thank you Little Bird Mothercare!).

Amelia has a range of clothing from dresses and tights, leggings and top sets to trousers and dungarees! I love getting a variety of bits for her and have found that blogging has enabled me to find lots of shops I might never have heard of before.

Blouse & leggings Dress & tights Top & Leggings set Tiny Leaf Jumpsuit Dress & Tights

It is really important not to go too overboard with clothing and make sure you get use out of the bits you buy. There is nothing worse than clearing out a wardrobe to find bits that they can’t fit into and having to sell them without them being worn.

Other essentials for me have been cardigans in plain simple colours that can be worn with lots of outfits. She had one fluffy zipped jacket from Gap bought by a friend that she basically lived in for a few months and I was so sad when she grew out of it. Vests still are an essential as Amelia wears them at night and during the day. She wears short sleeved ones at night and sometimes long sleeved during the day to go under pinafores and dungarees!

An essential that will be coming up soon will be her first birthday outfit…ok maybe not an essential but a special outfit that I can’t wait to buy!

Another tip I would stress is that buying quality is most of the time better. I found that some items from places don’t wash very well or shrink when tumble dried; yes they might have been cheaper but has Amelia been able to get the wear out of them? Probably not.  Clothing can be expensive but the great thing about babies is you can buy bits in advance. I only really buy from Gap when they have a sale (which is most of the time) and Monsoon often have really good sales too. Its good to get some bits ahead for the next size up as all shops sizes are different so they grow into items at different times.

Looking forward to reading everyones linked up posts to the #mummyessentialproject

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Thanks for reading xx


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  1. Gemma Collins
    10th May 2014 / 6:23 pm

    thanks for joining in with #mummyessentialproject 🙂 I just love Amelia’s wardrobe and so many cute pictures! Look forward to you joining in next week (hopefully!) xxx

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