Signs of Summer…Strawberry Picking

Signs of Summer…Strawberry Picking

We’ve had the paddling pool out, I’m currently nursing my first sunburn of the year and we’ve been in the sea (me only up to my knees, Amelia fully!) So I’m thinking that Summer has maybe arrived?! Who knows but something that certainly makes me feel all Summery is Strawberry picking and that’s exactly what we did this morning.

The sun was half shining through the clouds so it seemed like an ideal morning to head over to Sopley Farm and pick some strawberries. Armed with a punnet each we got picking. There were so many strawberries and plenty to choose from.

I had to remind Amelia we only wanted fully red ones but once she got into it she loved it. It’s something we’ve done since Amelia was small and last year we ended up Strawberry picking a few times. We were hoping to get some Raspberries as well but they aren’t quite ready yet so we will have to head back sooner than we hoped for that so I can recreate the homemade Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream I made last year.

Admittedly we over-picked and have come home with a lot of strawberries so we will be having them for/with breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days. But there is something special about picking your own that makes them taste a lot better. And in Amelia’s case eating them whilst picking also makes them taste a lot better too, she probably could turn into a strawberry at any point.

I realised I hadn’t shared some snaps from one of our little outings in a while so thought this was the perfect opportunity.┬áSo Summer I think your here and we hope your here to stay because trips like this are the best way to spend our time!


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