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Skirting Board Considerations for 2017

Home decor and interior style is definitely something I’ve grown into; and the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through pinterest and reading blogs on other people’s interiors. My main focus is mostly Amelia’s bedroom; it’s a great space with plenty of room to play around with and I love giving it a little make over.

Skirting boards aren’t really something I gave much thought to but I started noticing various trends more and more on other home interior blogs and posts and now it’s definitely a big part of the room.

SkirtingsRus have a great range of skirting’s and architraves on their website. They have four different ranges- MDF Skirting Board Range, Express MDF Skirting Board Range, Veneered MDF Skirting Board Range and Foil Wrapped MDF Skirting Board Range. They all come in various designs of intricacy to suit your home whether it be to fit in with a theme, an easily maintained skirting or something to be delivered quickly.

Some may struggle with figuring out how many metres they need to skirt a house and order a super long length that ends up with lots of wastage. The best solution here is to carefully plan both what lengths of skirting you are buying and how they are cut so you can match offcuts to the shorter walls which they may cover.

Although it’s not unheard of to have different skirting to architrave the most common practice in interior design is to have matching skirting boards and architrave. This provides a consistency of style within a room. On the SkirtingsRus website the architrave profiles are designed to match and compliment their skirting board counterparts.

When ordering architrave you will want to check your door heights and widths to make sure the length you are buying covers all of that so you are not left short with your width across the top.

Are skirting boards something you consider when decorating a room?
Thanks for reading!xx

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