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Skittles Experiment – Science Experiment for Toddlers

A simple but fun little science experiment for toddlers that they will really enjoy. I had seen this idea floating about and just had to try it out with Amelia. We spent nearly an hour with the skittles sorting them into colours, setting up the patterns and watching the colours run.



You will need;

  • 2 Bags of Skittles
  • Small White Plate
  • Warm Water
  • Coloured Bowls for Sorting (optional)

First up we tipped all the skittles out into a big bowl and started sorting out the colours into the correct bowls. Amelia’s always enjoyed sorting so this was pretty easy for her but it’s still a great way to weave in a little educational activity. You could make this slightly trickier by using tweezers.


Once all the Skittles were sorted out we started laying them out in different patterns around the plate. I directed Amelia to use all the colours for the first one just to show her what it would do. All you need to do is put down the skittles then tip over a cup off warm water until the skittles are just covered. Then watch the magic happen!


Its’s actually pretty therapeutic watching the colours run out of the skittles and make a rainbow pattern. Amelia was so fascinated watching the colours run and waiting for them to meet in the middle.


After we had done the first one together Amelia was keen to get going herself in laying down the skittles and tipping the water over. She said she wanted to do two together as it would be bigger which I thought was pretty smart (two skittles next to each other to then make a bigger colour run).




This is a super simple activity that really takes minimal effort but will keep toddlers engaged for a while. I would definitely recommend doing the mini science experiment as I enjoyed it just as much as Amelia!




As the skittles are small they could be a choking hazard so just make sure your supervising the activity.

Thanks for reading!xx




  1. Emily
    12th October 2016 / 1:38 pm

    Such a fun activity! I tried something similar with food colouring and it was an epic fail so I’ll definitely be doing this one with Noah.


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