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Snuggle TV

-Written by; Tom Adams 

As a mum it’s difficult to juggle everything that you may encounter in the day. You may be out on the school run, at nursery or even man handling the pram when doing the shopping. The reality is that you can quite be easily outside for a majority of the day so you need a carrot at the end of the stick to get you through. There are a number of things you can do to make your house warmer and a nice place to be when it’s cold outside and we look at some of the most basic.

You can also replicate the front room experience of settling down to catch up with some TV and combine with the bedroom with a TV bed.

One of the simplest ideas is to simply close the door on rooms that are unused in the house – most households congregate in the front room and the kitchen so be mindful of rooms which are uninhabited – you could also turn the radiator off in those particular rooms. Clearing radiators is also a big one as you probably have the sofa right in front of them – avoid the situation where the sofa is blagging all the heat while you can see your breath!

If you live in an older house you probably have an unused chimney – if you put your hand in that chimney you may feel and see all the heat rising from this room and this is like money being thrown out the window. Invest in a chimney ballon – they basically block out the air as you inflate the balloon and expand it into the gap. Fitting them is easy although it can take a couple of attempts to get it in the right position – you will also probably get covered in soot.

Once you have taken care of these cheap and basic steps and you are happy that the house is less draughty you may have some spare cash to invest. You can look at new beds and get a price match on a new bed at BedStar. With them you can browse the latest range but also avoid pressure from any pushy sales rep as they are an online business only. A TV bed is a novel idea as it can give you free warmth from your snuggled up children with the benefit if a TV. The disadvantages are that you will probably have crumbs in your bed but also have to sit through some rubbish kids TV.

So please research further on the many ways you can reduce your energy use but also consider that a big ticket item like a bed can be cost effective to buy and a sensible long term purchase.


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