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Spring Into Action Against Summer Thefts

With the weather finally starting to get better and Spring underway it is so important to keep our houses and homes as safe as possible. This post is a guest post from Yale, the leaders in home security to offer some tips to keep things safe for you.

As the weather begins to warm up, homeowners start to spend more time outdoors, taking garden furniture, tools and sports equipment out from sheds and garages.

However, a recent survey revealed that everyday, 15 people have something stolen from their garden, with items including furniture, barbecues, lawnmowers, plants and shrubs and garden thefts can amount to a staggering £1,169*.

As a result, security experts Yale has put together its top tips to keep you secure this spring.

Fit a heavy-duty padlock that can withstand all weathers. Maximum strength padlocks (rating 7-10) are highly recommended as they can withstand the great British weather, even in exposed locations such as homes by the sea.

Anchors and cables can be used to loop through items such as bike wheels or lawnmower handles in the shed to provide an extra level of protection if an intruder does manage to gain entry.

If you have an alarm for your home, consider connecting the existing system to your shed by adding a PIR detector that will alert you to any movement. However, you could also buy a small standalone alarm to give you added peace of mind.

Install a smart CCTV kit to catch any criminals on camera. Make sure it has infrared night vision so you can still see them under the cover of darkness.

For more information on the full range of Yale home security products, please visit www.yale.co.uk.


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this post useful and take into consideration some of the ideas suggested above.


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