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Spring Daffodils at Kingston Lacy

Thursdays is always a day I look forward to. It’s the only day of the week with nothing on so I like to make the most of it. We woke up this morning to gorgeous Spring sunshine so got up and ready to make the most of it. Our day started with a trip to Kingston Lacy our local National Trust to walk the dog and have a little run around. We ended up amongst an amazing array of Daffodils and snowdrops. I’ve never seen so many in one place. They were so beautiful and Amelia fitted in perfectly with her yellow coat and wellies! I obviously had to stop for a mini photo shoot and love these snaps I got. It was so nice to be out and about first thing (ish) in the morning and enjoy a peaceful run around in the much needed sun!

The rest of our day was also pretty busy. We spent some time at RampRats a local indoor skate park for young children, which is amazing! Then I decided it would be nice to take Amelia swimming. I’ve copped out of this one for a while now since Amelia’a started going in on her own for her lessons. We had a really nice time swimming up until it was time to get out. Amelia had the mother of all meltdowns which did put a dampener on our afternoon. I had totally forgotten how awful public meltdowns are!! But like always with threenagers it was soon forgotten.

It’s so nice to look back at these photos from our day together. I’m treasuring these Thursdays as before I know it September will be here and my Amelia will be off to school *sobs*. So I hope you enjoy these photos of my little Spring flower.



Thanks for reading!xx


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