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Spring Fitness

– A guest post

Spring Fitness – Exercise in the Sun

Spring is almost here and soon we can realistically think about stepping out of the home, putting the celebrity-endorsed fitness DVD away and get out into the parks. The sun is out, nights are drawing out and temperatures are on the incline, making for the ideal weather to train in.

When the days are dark and cold, it gives little to no motivation for us to get out of bed early in the morning and hit the roads or gym. Even the most hardened of fitness freaks can find it hard to blow away with New Year cobwebs and stay on track, but now the wintery weather is all but behind us, there are no excuses for not working up a sweat.


For those looking to build up stamina, running is the best exercise there is. The best part is that it costs absolutely nothing to put a pair of trainers on and run through the park, and anyone can do it. Whether you’re a strong runner that participates in numerous events and competitions, or someone that is just happy to get around, running is for everyone.

Invest in a pair of running trainers that are comfortable and a little loose when you first put them on so as your feet have room to expand when they become hot and sweaty. If you take on runs with the incorrect footwear, it will soon show.


If running isn’t your thing, then perhaps cycling is. Serious cyclists can be found racking up the miles in all weather, but if you are a beginner/not a very strong cyclist, now might be the time that you think about getting the bike out of the shed.

Even just opting to cycle into work instead of driving can help to build up your fitness. A 20-minute leisurely bike ride (10mph or fewer) can burn up to 120 mph, depending on weight and body fat.


While we are all keen to get back out into the great outdoors, there are some exercises that can only be done in the gym. Weight training has to be done with the correct gym equipment, such as that available from RB Fitness, and it doesn’t hurt to have a trainer guiding you through the exercises ensuring that you are training effectively and safely.

Equally, when the weather does take a turn for the worse, having a gym membership to fall back in is a godsend. Why run out in the rain when you can use a treadmill in the gym?

Team Sports

One of the main factors of unmotivation is, when we exercise on our own, we have no one else to push us when the going gets tough. However, when you take part in a team sport, you are surrounded by other individuals who motivate you.

Also, in team sports there is the added edge of competition and, for many, that is the single biggest motivation there is. The glory of winning as a team and the sense of achievement that comes with it have many positive mental and social effects, too.

Brisk Walking

If you are unable to find time to go out for a run, bike ride, hit the gym or sign up for a sports team, then you can always incorporate a brisk walk into your schedule. Instead of a leisurely stroll to the shops, power walk there and back to burn more calories and tone muscles.

Remember to make your training regimen fun as, that way; you are more likely to keep your new healthy lifestyle. Mixed with a balanced diet, you are well on your way to blowing away those winter cobwebs.


Thanks for reading!xx


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