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Spring into Spring! With these life and home tips- alice & amelia
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Spring into Spring! With these life and home tips-

Spring is finally here! It’s been a long wintery road, but it looks like we’re finally over those horrific storms and the unpredictable weather once and for all! Now is the time to get yourself out of your Winter rut. Winter is great for cosying up together under thick blankets with mugs of hot chocolate with thick, woolly winter hats at the ready but we’re so over that. Spring is here and it’s time to whip your house and your mind into shape.

Is your home prepared?

Like most seasons, Spring weather can be interchangeable, and although snow might be firmly behind us, we can still expect a cold snap or two before the summer months eventually kick in. When was the last time you had your boiler serviced or even looked at? If your boiler is an older model, chances are it won’t be energy efficient and could be costing you more money. Why not check out emooil for some energy saving ideas and fuel solutions?

The classic, Spring clean

Many of us dread it but you’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel once you’ve done it. Spring cleaning isn’t just a physical act – yes, you’re cleaning up the grime that’s buried deep into your carpet and hiding behind radiators and you’ll probably find a few Christmas decorations that have managed to escape the Christmas Tree felling, but a Spring clean is actually good for your mind as well as your home.

You’re wiping, washing and dusting away the heaviness of Winter and you’re welcoming in the Spring time. You’re decluttering, and you’re not only creating space on your counter but decluttering your mind and letting go of things that don’t really matter. Spring Cleaning is good for you.

Struggling to get into it? Pop on some of your happy tunes and make it more bearable.

Peel off the layers in your home

Winter brings with it, extra layers. But now it’s Spring, the time has come to remove them. Those extra throws, extra pillows and blankets – it’s time to say goodbye until autumn. But remember to get the washed before you pack them away.

Your bedding

I’m sure you’ll have changed your bedding at some point during the winter months! What we mean here is you should update your bedding to match the new season. Swap out that heavy tog duvet for something lighter and go for a linen to match. Something light, crisp and fresh will lift any room.

Bring in nature

Spring is the time that nature comes back to life. So, bring some of that magic indoors. Introduce a few leafy plants to your home or add a few vases of fresh flowers into your living room, dining room or even kitchen. If your green thumb is a little off colour, then don’t worry – you could always go down the artificial route. Fake flowers are much better quality now then they were several years ago. Just remember to dust them once in a while!


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