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Stretch Mark Saviour - alice & amelia
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Stretch Mark Saviour



So at 19 my body wasn’t that of a model but not something to be too ashamed of. Skincare has never been a huge issue for me; I’ve been fortunate enough to not suffer from acne just the occasional spot which was easily covered by a tad more makeup than usual so when I noticed stretch marks appearing on my lower back and top of my bum I was not best pleased.

Like most questions I’ve had throughout my pregnancy and first few weeks having a newborn I turned to the internet. Well there are hundreds of lotions and potions that apparently will make your stretch marks disappear but I’m not stupid I don’t expect them to go just would like them to fade a little. So from my research bio-oil kept cropping up so on my next trip to Tesco’s I purchased the 60ml bottle. Now I took the instructions on the bottle very lightly which say to apply twice a day and to begin with I just used it as and when I remembered too which I have now learned didn’t help my case. I was expecting instant results and well as you can imagine I was disappointed to not have any (it probably didn’t help that as I was progressing through my pregnancy my bump although quite small was getting bigger and therefore stretching my skin further).

So about a month of using this product I was disappointed so I did some more reading and discovered “Apply twice daily for a minimum of 3 months” hmmm maybe I should probably commit to doing this. So back to Tesco’s I went and by luck the largest bottle a 200ml size was on offer 1/3 off so only cost me around £16 rather than the £24.99. Very pleased with this but also aware of what I would have spent I started using it every morning and night. Now I promised myself not to check them religiously every single day expecting results and have to say I got so busy toward the end of my pregnancy I didn’t notice the colour of them; I just applied the oil twice a day and that was that.

Well post-pregnancy (only 3 weeks but still) my body is returning to its previous shape and the stretch marks although still present are definitely fading. I’m really pleased with how they are looking so far and I am continuing to use the oil in the morning and at night every day. You don’t have to use much so the bottle does last longer than you would expect. SAFETY WARNING: when spilt on the floor it remains very slippy for a long time, made this mistake one too many times ha!

Overall review: really good product that isn’t that expensive so is accessible for anyone. Probably could have tried something more expensive but don’t really need to as I’m satisfied with this product. Available in most shops i.e. Tesco, boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s etc. Would really recommend this to anyone; and I think the earlier you start using it the better. I wish I had started using it earlier on in my pregnancy as it may have made the results even better!!



I have always been a fan of any cocoa butter but especially the Palmer’s range. I love the smell and just the way it leaves your skin after use. I discovered they do a specific version of the massage lotion for stretch marks. Basically on the bottle it says “…helps improve elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy.” 

So as I’ve already explained I’m now a religious Bio-Oil user but I have discovered a combination of the two really works (for me anyway). It’s great because the cocoa butter is not a greasy lotion at all which complements the oil which as expected is extremely greasy. I usually only use the lotion once a day. I use it as an all over body lotion but focus on the stretch mark area. With both the oil and the lotion I massage it quite firmly into the stretch mark area.

Overall Review: Any product by Palmer’s gets a thumbs up from me but the fact they have a specific version for stretch marks has worked wonders for me! Not that expensive and available in most stores (Wilkinson’s the cheapest I’ve found) Comes in a soap dispenseresk bottle so application is easy (not faffing around trying to open a bottle with bio-oil greasy hands).

The two together work so well and I am really pleased with the outcome I am getting so far and I will continue to use them both until I don’t think it’s necessary. Really recommend both to anyone especially to anyone maybe young mums who like me want to get their bodies back to how they were before!!

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