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My Summer Baby is Starting School... - alice & amelia
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My Summer Baby is Starting School…

It’s all seeming very real now, the letters inviting Amelia into school for a stay and play sessions to meet her classmates and the upcoming parents evening where I’ll meet her teacher. My daughter is going to school this year. Actually in three months time. Two weeks after she’ll turn four.

That summer baby that you carried when it was all too hot and sweaty and who’s birthdays you’ve celebrated in the summer sun outside is now going to be starting school. How do you even go about getting your head around that?!

Amelia as many readers of this blog will now is confident, feisty and very independent all good skills for starting school but she still gets tired, grumpy and struggles to do certain things on her own. Are these going to be her downfalls for starting school?

I honestly feel differently about her starting school each day, some days I’m excited for her and think she is so ready and will thrive in the situation. Then there’s other days when she’s curled up on my lap or on her tenth meltdown of the morning that I struggle to imagine this little person bookbag in arms trotting into school five days a week.

Five days, six hours a day of not knowing what she’s been up to. If she played with friends. If she did as she was told. If she could cut her lunch up properly. If she’s had a drink and if her shoes are on the right feet. A total step back and being on the outside a big part of her life.

There was quite a lot about summer babies starting school in the news last year and it is actually a story I can really relate too. Technically if I wanted Amelia wouldn’t have to go to school until the term after her 5th birthday which would actually be next September. This isn’t the path I would be going down as deep down I’m pretty sure Amelia is going to love it but it is madness to think of her amongst children who could be turning five within their first few days of school just two weeks after Amelia has turned four.

To many these numbers may not seem like a big difference but trust me at this age it really does make a difference. The amount these kids can learn in 11 months is incredible. They put us adults to shame with the amount of knowledge their little brains take in.  Amelia turns four in mid August so has a couple of weeks before the school business will start but when she goes in to meet her teacher and friends she will still be 3 which honestly breaks my heart. She isn’t the biggest so I think she will look like a little one but I’m hoping her personality will make up for that!

I can’t help but feel robbed of time. I’m running out of the time I’ve got left with her. The months, weeks and days are limited and September is fast approaching. With the days we have off together going on our little adventures and staying in our pjs until noon. These things will now all be squashed into two days and the holidays. I feel like I could easily have another year with my little girl by my side. But maybe that’s all my emotions coming into play. With Amelia starting school our lives are off in a totally new direction and were moving onto a new chapter in our time. Both exciting and scary. So maybe it’s me that’s not ready? Maybe it’s me who will be having to adjust the most? Are we ever ready for our children to move on? When we’ve been used to having them there.

So to the parents with summer babies starting school this year, I’m with you. And to the parents with any children starting school this year, I’m with you too. I’m going to feel like my left arm is missing and I’m so sure I’ll be shedding a tear if not multiple tears on those first few mornings in September when she goes through the gates without me.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting,So… get on your way!”- Dr Seuss. 

Thanks for reading!xx





  1. 13th June 2017 / 12:33 pm

    Oh Alice, I honestly cannot believe she’s starting school in a few months! ive watched her grow from a little baby to a beautiful little girly, and I’m sure she’s going to thrive in school. This is totally going to be me next year when indie starts xx

  2. 13th June 2017 / 4:28 pm

    What a lovely post. My boy is starting school this year too. With the difference he will have turned 5 three days before he starts school. He wouldn’t have been able to start school last year. Plus he can only avail free pre school year at a certain age in Ireland

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