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Spaghetti Fun

Today I’m going to share with you an old post. I loved doing it with Amelia and think you will love to see it too! This post was originally published June2014. How small was Amelia!!! Hope you enjoy! I love the idea of messy play and have lots of different things I would like to test out with Amelia but I do tend to put it off. So when I saw this idea I knew it was about time to give some more messy play a go!  Over the weekend we had the paddling pool out for water fun which you can see here and previously we have made cornflour paints which you can read about here. Spaghetti is a really great idea to use for messy play and it’s so simple. I got one pack of spaghetti from Tesco which was 20p (don’t need the fancy stuff for messy play)…

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Birth Months & Career Links?!

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Celebrating Mother’s Day #MyMumAndMe

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My Sunday Photo #3

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Countdown box & Christmas cards

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