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Big Girl Painting

  For Christmas Amelia got her first paints and paint brushes. We’ve used odd bits and bobs before but she has never sat up at the table like a big girl and just experimented! A perfect addition to painting or any kind of messy activity is Amelia’s new painting apron. It’s another one from My 1st years, who I have mentioned before. It’s wipe clean and has large velcro on the sides making it adjustable. It is a tiny bit big for Amelia but is so great to put on when doing messy things! Plus how cute is it!! She had different sized brushes and a few different colours but her favourite were the sponges. These were in the shapes of different animals but Amelia just loved dipping them into the paint then wiping them across the paper. Her knowledge of understanding sequences has improved recently; she knew she needed…

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Playing catch up!!

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Our Week in Photos

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10 Month Update!

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TMI Tag!

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