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Unplanned Outdoors

This morning when I woke up I felt like I hadn’t had any sleep at all and that was because I hadn’t. I spent half the night in Amelia’s teepee and the other half walking backwards and forwards between Amelia’s bedroom and my own bed. We had a bad night of teething/being ill and when I got up this morning I felt like we should definitely spend the day being lazy. However, the sun was out and we had a few jobs to do so I decided we would feel better if we got out and did something and we definitely did.  Once we had finished running our errands I parked up at Coy Pond and walked through to the lower Bournemouth Gardens and we had a little run around…well Amelia did. Amelia had a brand new dress on that was super cute and it just fitted in perfectly with the…

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Baby’s first trip into the Sea!

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Alice & Amelia

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