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Foodie Friday: Amelia’s Eating Habits

It’s Friday which means I normally share a recipe with you all but today I’m going to do more of an update on food with Amelia and her eating habits.   So rewind a year we were weaning with a mixture of baby led weaning and spoon fed, I was making everything from scratch hoping to end up with a good eater. I would spend a night in the kitchen once every couple weeks just batch making purees, other foods and cutting finger foods.  A few months later I was getting pretty sick of cooking separately for Amelia so began to do versions of our meals for her. Now Amelia has everything we have for dinner, she sits up to the table and we all eat as a family.    –Amelia June2014 I always grew up having meals together as a family and that is something I definitely want to…

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Kingston Maurward Animal Park & Gardens

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It’s those moments…

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Mummy & Me | March

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Celebrating Mother’s Day #MyMumAndMe

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