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Mid-week Shopping Spree

Did a bit of a mid-week shopping splurge! Ok so maybe nappies and baby wipes can’t be classed as a splurge but still. Whenever I’m at the shops I can’t help myself but to by clothing for Amelia. Baby clothes are just too lovely to say no to sometimes and today was no different. I went into Monsoon and looked at the baby bits; they have some gorgeous spring/summer outfits including lots of little sets of dresses and knickers, leggings and tops or trousers and tops. Too many to choose from. I let myself get one set… The elephant I instantly fell in love with and when I saw it came with these light-weight summer trousers I just couldn’t resist. I love seeing big bold patterns on baby clothes and thought these would be perfect for a maybe soon to be crawling baby and the possible sunshine on its way…

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Amelia’s upcoming Spring wardrobe

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