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Diva in the Making?

Do you ever worry that you’re parenting your child in a particular way that is ultimately leading them to behave in a certain way? My concern is that I am creating a diva. I’m not talking the next North West but more along the lines of the demanding naughty toddler. I can already tell Amelia has a strong, feisty, independent personality….all really great things but not necessarily that great for the Mum of said 18month toddler. Amelia on the most part is a really good but when she turns boy does she turn! Amelia’s tempers come on like the flick of a switch and within seconds she will be throwing herself on floor screaming, crying, spitting and I find it is best to just ignore her, obviously I make sure she isn’t going to hurt herself however it is usually me or the party that has annoyed/stopped Amelia that ends…

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Milestones: We’ve got a walker!

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10 Month Update!

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It might rain…

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Series: Mummy Essential Project – Week 2

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