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Outdoor Cardboard Painting!

With the nice weather we’ve been having I’ve really enjoyed with coming up with some ways to do crafty things outside. We had actually been using a cardboard box opened out to lean on when we did a previous painting activity and I thought it would be a great idea to pop it out in the garden and do foot prints and just get messy! I squeezed Amelia into a 6-12month vest (always handy to keep some spares for activities like this as then you can just throw them out) and got the bits set up in the garden. To begin with Amelia wasn’t sure but then got stuck in with her hands and feet stomping across the cardboard. I even joined in and forgot how nice it feels to have paint between your toes! As Amelia just loves to get as much paint on as possible it did get a…

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Dinosaur Stamp Craft

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Garden Crafting!

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Masking Tape Painting

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Cardboard Tube Painting 

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