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Garden Crafting!

I decided that this weeks craft would be slightly different as it’s usually something messy or painty. We’ve not used glue very much but there are so many crafts you can do involving sticking so thought we would give it a try and see how Amelia got on!  Amelia loves being outdoors so I set her off in the garden basket in hand and let her collect lots of different things. She went for mostly daisies twigs and a few leaves and pottered around for ages selecting which bits she wanted in her basket.  Amelia ended up with a pretty good haul of things and we headed inside and missed the rain by about a minute, phew! I had already set up the table inside covered with newspaper and our PVA glue ready to go. I showed her how to put the glue on the paper and then stick some of…

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Masking Tape Painting

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Cardboard Tube Painting 

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Outside Painting

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Cotton Wool Ball Painting

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