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Foodie Friday: Warm Brownie Pudding

Welcome back to another Foodie Friiiiidaaaayyyyy. Sorry if you ever come here hoping for healthy recipes as that doesn’t happen very often and today isn’t going to be any different. I’ve got a really good one for you all today. A warm chocolatey, soft brownie that’s really easy to make and great as a sharer if you have guests. Definitely one for the middle of the table for everyone to get stuck into! I didn’t have my kitchen helper this week as I quickly threw this recipe together whilst doing a Sunday Roast but there wouldn’t have been that much for Amelia to do anyway.  This portion size did us a few nights so I think if it’s just for 2-4 I would half the recipe or do what we did and just re-heat the second half the next day.  INGREDIENTS – Serves 8-10 using a 23×32 tin (roughly- it…

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