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The Money Shed - alice & amelia
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The Money Shed

No matter how hard anyone tries money is always on peoples minds!

This website has recently come to my attention ‘The Money Shed’ (www.themoneyshed.co.uk). It is a forum based website which is great as it provides a space for people to comment freely and start their own posts or questions if they wish. A forum helps to create a community of people who will want to continuously share ideas over a long period of time or just post once every so often.

The site was created by someone who wishes to help share the wealth of knowledge and experience they have gained and introduce it to people who may have never thought they could earn some cash from home. The aim of the site is to help save them time by ‘road testing’ the many opportunity’s there are out there to earn money from the comfort of your computer.

The website itself is aimed at stay at home parents/students AND anyone who wants to earn extra money whilst at home.

Being a stay at home mum this year and soon to be a student I won’t be earning for a few years so a website like this is great I mean there are lots of websites but this one makes it simple so you can access the different sections easily with no confusion. These simple tips such as surveys and other money earning ideas are great as they are doable when a baby/child is sleeping/playing or just before bed on your phone as a lot of money earning is now available on smartphones.


As you can see from the above picture there are currently lots of threads running. I would really recommend the ‘Beginners guide to earning money from home’. It is so informative about survey sites. I have definitely attempted to do surveys before online but failed miserably but just from reading this post I will be sure to give it a go again! 

There is also another section on Money Saving Tips. This is another great idea; you may think you have thought of every possible money saving tip but I am sure someone will come up with one you haven’t before or I know Mummy bloggers write a lot about saving money so you could just come here and post your own tips! 

Well bloggers check out the website!

“There are more opportunity’s for people to work from home now and earn cash than ever. All it takes is finding the right solution that fits the time that you have available and also fits your ability and skills.”



And happy money earning/saving!



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