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How to Throw an Eggscellent Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids

With the Easter holidays only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking of how you can plan and throw an eggscellent Easter egg hunt for your little chicks. Not only is an Easter egg hunt a great way to spend one of the days entertaining the little ones at home, but it gives your children something to look forward to and challenge themselves with! There are some great ways to throw an Easter egg hunt, and these cracking tips will help you along your way!  

What, When, Where? 

First things first you need to figure out what kind of Easter egg hunt you’re going to throw, when will be best to throw it and also where you want the hunt to be. Choose a day in the holidays that you have free, invite a few of your little one’s friends over and keep them entertained all day! When it comes to where you’re going to have the hunt, you need to think of a clear trail throughout the house that has plenty of hiding places, such as behind the kitchen unit doors, under the doormat and so on. When you’ve decided where your trail for the hunt is going to be, you can start with the fun part.  

Real or Pretend Eggs 

There are benefits to having both real and pretend eggs for your Easter egg hunt, but it’s all down to personal preference. With real eggs, you can scatter some small chocolate eggs in special hiding places and have your little ones collect them as they go along. Once they finish the course, they will receive a larger egg at the end. The downside to this is that the eggs can often melt, or if they’re forgotten you may find a squashed chocolate egg a few weeks down the line. If you opt for pretend eggs, you don’t have to worry too much about hiding them under the rug, on top of the radiator and so on, so you may find they slightly easier to hide!  

Clues and Hints 

Now is the time to create some crafty clues to keep your little ones hunting around the house to find every last egg. Try to keep the clues suitable for the age of the child playing, as you want to make sure they have a fair chance and manage to crack the clues with as little help as possible. This could be a great way to add some educational hints in there too, such as what rhymes with 4 (answer door), with the egg hidden behind the closest door to them. Similarly, you may decide that hints are better, such as coloured spots or arrows to guide your little one from egg to egg, keeping them engaged and excited throughout the hunt.  

Examples of some great clues:  

“Where you brush your teeth”  

“Where you hang your coat”  

“Where you watch your favourite TV programmes”  

“Where you go to sleep”  

Once you’ve set your eggscellent Easter egg hunt up, you can set your little ones their new challenge and help them find every last egg. The reward at the end could be a selection of homemade nest cakes, or a larger Easter egg for doing so well!  



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  1. 27th February 2018 / 10:15 am

    wow great tips here they are all worth trying ..keep up the good blogging work

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