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Time flies... - alice & amelia
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Time flies…

So in just 3 days Amelia will be 12 weeks old. It has absolutely flown by but at the same time I can’t imagine life without her! It has been a crazy 12 weeks, I’ve been so so busy seeing friends, going to under1s club, hospital trips, shopping and just getting to know my little one.

Amelia was a breech baby so she was booked in for a routine hip scan at 6 weeks; her hips were found to be shallow (hip dysplasia) so she has to were a Pavlik harness. It’s a fabric harness that pushes her hips into basically a frog position to encourage the ball to lock into the socket. Probably not speaking correct technical language at all but makes sense to me haha. She has it on for 16 weeks first 6 weeks permanently, not allowed off at all. Have to dress her around it and not allowed to bath her!! But from week 7 it begins to get weaned off, cannot wait to give her a bath again fed up of sponge bathing around her harness and then by mid December she only wears it during he night. So it’s not so bad and fingers crossed it should work and not need any further treatment. We have weekly scans and physiotherapy which are really good to keep an eye on progress and development.

So that’s one part of our busy weeks. We also go to the under1s club every other week which is run by the nursery nurse and the health visitor team. It’s really good and is usual on a particular topic; we’ve done weaning, safety and sleeping and will be doing some Christmas bits nearer the time. It’s so nice to go there every couple of weeks to see all the other mums! And it’s so good to see babies and complete different ages from newborn to 1 to see the different stages that Amelia is going to go through 🙂 so cute. Although the last session Amelia slept through the entire thing haha.

The week that I don’t have under1s club I take Amelia to the children’s clinic to get her weighed. I like to keep track of that in her red book and it’s a nice walk there and back each week, usually get to briefly chat to some other mums and ask the health visitors any questions I have about Amelia.

Even though most of my friends have gone back to university I’ve still been seeing them loads. Mostly someone has been home every weekend or odd days during the week. And they are always so excited to see Amelia (and me…maybe haha). So lovely that I’m still keeping in touch with them all. And the girls that haven’t gone to Uni that are here I see quite a lot too which also keeps me busy during the week :).

My sister who lives in London has been coming back like once a month to see her niece and she’s home this weekend which I can’t wait for. Always nice to see her although every time she comes back she thinks Amelia’s massive because she’s grown and to her it looks so much more of a difference to her.

Amelia’s doing great though she isn’t remotely bothered by the little harness and she’s growing as she should be; weighs 12pounds now! I’m having the most amazing time being a mum looking back the first month seems a complete blur but I think I’m starting to get the hang of things. Amelia is sleeping from about 11-7 which is such a luxury after the first couple of months of a serious lack of sleep! And I’m just loving every day getting to know her more and more and watching her grow. It’s so exciting and just loving it!!!!



  1. 4th November 2013 / 7:15 pm

    Lovely that she’s sleeping so well, and not bothered by the harness. Hopefully you’ll leave it behind you both and she’ll have good hips and it won’t even have registered with her.

    Glad your friends are sticking by you too and you are getting some social time. You both look very well.

    • 4th November 2013 / 7:25 pm

      Thankyou yeh the sleeping is such a bonus for me! Yeh I really hope so but it will be okay whatever happens :)! Yes it’s so lovely having my friends being so supportive, they love having a baby around! Thanks 🙂

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