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Tips For Healthy Ears – Family Health

It is so important as families that we keep not only our children’s ears healthy but our own. Today I’m going to be sharing some really useful tips for doing so. Also a product that can help if your having trouble with ear wax or pain.

These tips have come from Earex Ear Care expert Dr Henderson.

Try to keep your ears dry;

Swimmers ear more correctly called otitis externa is a condition that affects more than 1% of the UK population each year. It is caused by water getting into the ear canal. Although any one of any age can get it, women appear to suffer slightly more than men. Other factors triggering this as well as swimming can be excessive ear cleaning or overuse of ear piece headphones. The general advice is to always avoid getting the affected ear wet .

Limit your exposure to loud noise;

Music and machinery can expose us to over the safe noise limit- 85dB for long periods. MP3 players in Europe have a default limit of 85dB. As a general rule if other people can hear your headphone music then you’ve probably got it on too loud! Long term exposure can gradually wear out the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that convert sound into nerve signals that go to the brain. Take  breaks when using headphones or try turning it down and don’t fall asleep wearing earbuds.

Try to avoid flying when you have a cold;

‘Aeroplane ear’ is the term given to pain in the ears that occurs during take-off and landing and is due to the unequal air pressure inside the ear in comparison to the atmosphere outside, due to blockage of the Eustachian tube and can be very painful. Try to chew, yawn or swallow as this helps to equalise pressure when landing and if you have a cold try taking an oral decongestant before flying. Try not to let a child remain asleep during landings as tricky as this might be.

Remember that the weather & allergies can affect your ears;

Millions of people suffer from allergies, at their peak in Spring and Autumn. Usually presenting as hay fever type symptoms, but household dust and pet dander are also triggers here and allergies can affect your ears as well as your eyes, nose and throat. An allergic reaction can sometimes lead to a temporary loss of hearing but this usually goes away when the allergy is treated. In colder weather, our ears become vulnerable to cold because they have no protective fat tissue and so cool down quickly. Covering your ears when you’re outside for long periods of time will help to keep them warm and healthy.

Use eardrops to dissolve impacted wax;

Ear wax is important for ear health as it helps to protect the lining of the ears. After it’s produced it slowly makes it’s way to the opening of the ear where it’ll either fall out removed when you wash. Sometimes too much wax can build up, causing mild hearing loss known as conductive deafness. Olive oil is often recommended. Earex drops can be very effective here. Try not to use cottonbuds in your ears and never put anything sharp in your ears!

These tips here are really useful and definitely ones to remember for all the families ear health.


We’ve actually been using the Earex drops. My Dad suffers with impacted wax and sometimes has days where he literally can’t hear us, much to his pleasure sometimes I’m sure. He has found the Earex Olive Oil Ear Drops really useful and definitely helped with his ears.

Definitely a product to bare in mind if someone in your family is suffering. Buy pain relief medication online. There are varying products from olive oil ear drops, advanced ear drops and pain relief spray.  Many of the products can be used from age 2.

Thanks for reading!xx





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