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Visiting The Eden Project – A Day Out In Cornwall

Last month whilst we were enjoying our holiday in Devon and Cornwall we had a day at The Eden Project. I’ve been wanting to visit for ages and it was a part of the week I was so excited for. Unfortunately it was raining but that isn’t actually too much of an issue it just meant we didn’t spend that long outside.

On arriving the day was off to a great start in Amelia’s eyes as we got on the shuttle bus from the car park to the entrance. Amelia loves a bus and so she was so excited for this. We probably could have just done this back and forth all day. When getting into The Eden Project you straight away look down onto the Biomes which we were keen to get into.

Although your armed with a map I felt like I could have done with a guide of where to go in which order as I just didn’t know where to start and didn’t want to miss anything. But we started walking down toward the Biomes and went through the Zigzag through time and at the Avenue of Senses which is a lovely little bit for children.

Then we went into the Biomes Link and made our way to the Mediterranean Biome. It totally did feel like we were in the Med which was really cool and Amelia loved smelling and looking at all the flowers.

We then crossed over into the Rainforest Biome which is actually quite incredible. Again you genuinely feel like your in the Rainforest which is somewhere we’ve never been so quite an experience. Amelia loved it in here and amongst stripping off coats, cardigans etc -wear layers and use the lockers otherwise you’ll be the person left carrying everything which was yup me was really interested in all the different plants. Amelia was constantly asking me what different plants/tree’s were called and pointing to ones she knew.

We loved the canopy walkway and Amelia loved the  bridge and we even queued a little and went up the 165ft to the lookout, which was actually so high but so fantastic to see the Rainforest from above.

I think although it was so special wandering around the Biomes the geography lover in me would have loved to have been able to read the signs and info about everything that is there at Eden which wasn’t that possible with a 3 year old. We did make it over the bridge and then into the Core and looked at the Seed sculpture and Amelia blew off some steam in the soft play, which is a sweet addition as we couldn’t make much use of the outdoor kids bits because of the rain.

One of my favourite parts of the day was lunch time at Eden! The food hall in the core is so good, so much choice and the food I had was such a nice meal and Amelia was really pleased with the children’s options. For such a large portion or really delicious food the prices were reasonable. Amelia also loved looking around at the decorations and things hanging from the ceiling in this room. And of course what would a holiday be without ice cream, we had some Eden Project ice cream which was delicious. You could also eat in the restaurant in the Med Biome or have smaller options in the cafe.

We loved our day at The Eden Project and I would love to go back in the future. I think we would get even more out of it a second time and hopefully it wouldn’t be raining!

Thanks for reading!xx




*We were gifted tickets to The Eden Project but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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