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We Are Family McCain Mealtimes - alice & amelia
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We Are Family McCain Mealtimes

Mealtimes have always been a huge part of family life for me. As a child myself, sister and parents most evenings would sit down together for dinner and if not we would always make sure it happened a few times a week. I’ve made sure that the same thing happens with Amelia. I think meal times are a really important time of the day not only to enjoy food but to spend time together with family and just have some time away from the craziness of the day.

Most evenings myself, Amelia, Nanny and Gramps will sit down for dinner. Mealtimes aren’t always pretty, it’s that time of day when Amelia’s temperament can be unpredictable, the kitchen may well be a mess, everyone may well be a bit stressed and half the table might not like the food but still we come together to catch up on our days and enjoy each other’s company.

This is why when McCain got in touch about its ‘We Are Family’ campaign which is shining a spotlight on diverse family life – families of all shapes and sizes living the good, the bad and the mad reality of day to day life – I wanted to get involved and share my story.

McCain’s campaign is a result of research which shows 49% of us don’t feel that popular culture portrays the reality of modern day family life. I can definitely relate to that one; myself and Amelia live with my parents so our family hub is a bit different to many. You don’t very often see that kind of unit on social media but we are living our version of family life. This should be celebrated as these days families really do come in all shapes and sizes with grandparents acting like second parents, aunties and uncles jumping in to help and a huge mass of friend’s ready to help raise those small people…it really does take a village!

More needs to be done to showcase families of all arrangements and it’s great to see McCain leading the way celebrating real families.

Head over to the McCain Facebook page for more info on McCain’s campaign – there’s also a competition running to win a professional family photo shoot and a £100 supermarket voucher.


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