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Weekend: Shopping, Swimming and Pirates! - alice & amelia
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Weekend: Shopping, Swimming and Pirates!

    Another weekend has flown by!! This one was a bit of a mixed bag but involved a lot of shopping. 

We headed to the Next sale Saturday morning. We weren’t 5am’ers but got there for around 9:30 and went a bit crazy. There was so much for Amelia and I swear by sale shopping, getting it and keeping it back for the next year. Amelia did not enjoy shopping at all, most of the time when we go out she’s either out of the buggy walking along or there is at least something a bit more interesting that feisty shoppers stuffing clothes into clear bags so that wasn’t so fun for her. She gave up in the end and actually fell asleep which I was surprised at but pretty happy as that meant shopping in peace which is a total win! 


 I managed to get some bargain shoes for myself in the Next sale. Having small feet means I fit into kids shoes so the white Birkenstock look-alike’s were just that and then  I found black ones too which I was so so happy with. Along with a few other tops and a nice hat for winter. All of Amelia’s bits will be shown in a separate blog post so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to see what Amelia what bargains we got.


After hours in Next we had Cafe Nero lunch which is probably my favourite chain coffee shop. They do the best milkshakes/fruit drinks and Amelia enjoyed a cheese and ham croissant followed by a gingerbread man the size of her head. 






Nero time


We did a few more shops as Amelia needed some new shoes. I was actually pretty unimpressed with what the Clarks had to offer. They only had pink in her size which I didn’t really want as she has some pink shoes that still fit so ended up getting the same as what she previously had in a bigger size.

In the afternoon we took the dog for a walk which gave Amelia a chance to have a good run around, stomp on some bridges and throw some stones into the stream. I’ve talked about this lovely spot before in a previous blog hereIt has a lovely board walk which unfortunately Amelia fell face first off, thankfully it wasn’t in a boggy bit and she didn’t seem to fussed by it. 

A good run around after a morning shopping!

Walk collage


Sunday came with more shopping. We rarely go but when we do we get a bit of a bug for it, we returned some rash purchases from the day before to a different Next and left with a few others and then went to check out the Jojo Maman Bebe sale and got a few more bits to put back for next year. They have some really great sale items there and I just adore all their clothes. Amelia wore one of her sale purchases that I just think is super cute.



We popped into Mother Care also which gave Amelia a chance to run around in toddler heaven- so many toys!!!! Amelia’s fave was obviously the Thomas the tank engine she found. 


Amelia had a nap and when she woke up demanded to go swimming. That wasn’t the plan for the afternoon at all but Amelia was desperate to use her new float and just stood at the top of the stairs begging to got “shwimminnnn peeeassee” and she was so sad so obviously me and my mum caved and we had to go. 


We haven’t been swimming for a really long time and Amelia was so so over excited. Literally thrashing about, kicking, splashing and screaming she absolutely loved it. Swimming is one of those things I really enjoy during but the thought of it really puts me off, but after seeing how happy Amelia was and how much she enjoyed it I need to get myself in gear and go more weekly! I caught this photo of Amelia just before we went into the pool. I can promise you she wasn’t posing I just got her in between movements but how cute does she look!
   When we got back it was a bit of a rush to get dinner going and I wanted to try to make profiteroles again as it went wrong the other day. So Amelia was running around the garden with Gramps playing pirates with long palm leaves…I honestly don’t know where she gets her energy from.

    Pirats garden collage
    Sunday was finished with a roast and some profiteroles which even if I do say so myself were pretty good! I need to tweak the recipe ever so slightly but hopefully they will be up on the blog on Friday, basically an excuse to eat profiteroles all week!

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Thanks for reading!xx




  1. MyLifeMyLove
    20th July 2015 / 6:52 am

    What a busy fun filled weekend. It’s so sweet that Amelia was desperate to go swimming. I’m glad you all had a lovely time and those Profiteroles looking blooming delicious! X

  2. 22nd July 2015 / 7:02 am

    Sounds like a great weekend. I forgot about the Next sale, our Next is pretty small and all the good bits go first thing, so probably wouldn’t have bothered anyway! I’ve heard a few people say their disappointed with the Clarks selection for girls. How cute is it that she asled to go swimming! Xx

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