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Weymouth SeaLife 

We are really lucky that Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is only a 45 minute trip from us and after collecting a pretty big stash of the vouchers off cereal boxes and such we decided we better put one to use and head over there. So armed with a picnic, raincoat and a swimming costume (gotta love the British weather) we made our way. We have an Oceanarium in Bournemouth so even closer but that’s super small and I took Amelia to Weymouth Sea Life last year and she loved it but this year her love for under sea has grown. She is Finding Nemo obsessed and is always talking about sharks. 

A lot of the pictures I got aren’t that great as the rooms with the different fish etc in are quite dark but I will include all the good photographs so you get the gist of our day. It was such a good day out and I can’t recommend it enough. I think for toddlers/children of all age there is something for them to see, do and look at and Weymouth SeaLife is really well kept and a lovely place to spend the day.


We pretty much followed the order of the park just so we didn’t miss anything but you could do it in any order you wish. We followed the numbered rooms/spots so we could find all the different discoveries. Amelia was so over excited when she saw the first fish. It was in the Ray Lagoon and everything was “a fish, a fish, a fish, a fish” she was so excited! 


Amelia stayed in her pram for the first couple of rooms just as she was still quite happy in there but came out when we got to the rockpool section so she could have a good wander round. She touched a star fish and peeped in the rock pools to see what she could find. 


Amelia had an amazing moment when she saw an entire tank of “mo’s” Nemo’s! She was so happy as she loves Nemo so much but probably a lot smaller than she thought he would be.


I really love the way the park is laid out; it intertwines and winds around so you can follow the trails or just go your own route. They had a little booklet to fill in for the kids (which obviously I did on behalf of Amelia) who doesn’t love collecting a book of stamps to get a badge at the end of the day. There was another little booklet to fill out as well to do with the new Lego range and they had a little tent sent up with Lego to go and play with too. There are spots to stop and have your picnic on the way round or walking back to the cafe wouldn’t take long at all. 
    I love going to places like this with Amelia now as she loves saying what all the fish are and the noises they make and get’s so excited to spot them out. I was most excited to show Amelia the penguins, seals, turtles and the sharks and these definitely go the best reaction. The turtles were really active and Amelia found them absolutely hilarious and was running from tank to tank and stepping up on the step to peep inside and see what they were doing. 

Turtle Collage

    Following on from the turtles it takes you into the ocean tunnel area which is amazing. We got there at quite a quiet time so had plenty of time to walk through the tunnel and have the sharks and giant turtles swimming right over our heads. I had hold of Amelia for this part and she literally had her head back as far as possible and kept saying “wow” and pointing at what she could see. Me and my Mum probably enjoyed this bit the most as it’s so cool seeing them swim over head and spotting the really big shark!!

Tunnel Collage

    Amelia also loved watching the seals swim around and the otters running about. Amelia loved the things that were most active as it’s more interesting from her to watch and easier for her to spot them!

Otters Collage

Seals Collage
 We found a nice little picnic bench and enjoyed our lunch. Amelia did so well but was keen to get back to enjoying the Sea Life so we didn’t stop for long but enough time to get the selfie stick out!

Lunchtime Collage



After lunch we went over to the Adventure Island where there’s a few little rides for children to go on and some fairground grabber machines and things. There was one I could go on with Amelia which she loved. It was just a little boat that went round but she got so excited spotting Nana each time we came round and pretending to drive the boat. 

Adventure Island Collage


Another thing Weymouth SeaLife is the splash zone which has a little paddling pool, lots of fun fountains/sprinklers and a park. This is  a really nice addition that means you can make a full on day of Weymouth SeaLife. Amelia was a bit tired at this point so didn’t enjoy the splash zone as much as she possibly could have but still gave her a good run around. 

Splash pool collage


We quickly went back round to spot our favourite animals again but it was getting busier so it wasn’t as easy with the pram. I think somewhere like this could be hard work with the pram if it was really busy or trying to get little ones in a position to be able to see, so we got really lucky on the day we went.



So if you are in Dorset and want something to do I think this could be a really great day out. It’s worth the travel as well and you can get vouchers for discounted prices to Weymouth SeaLife or if you book online in advance it is again much cheaper! The tickets also give you entry to the Tower on the Seafront which we didn’t do but those tickets are valid for 14 days so maybe another trip to Weymouth is on the cards. 

Thanks for reading!xx



  1. 23rd July 2015 / 7:27 am

    Gorgeous photos, brings back memories of when jack and I went and Indiana was just a bump! Would definitely love to go back now she’s a big girl xx

  2. 24th July 2015 / 10:45 pm

    Lovely photos sounds like a great day out I need to take the kids so bad I’ve been meaning to for ages! x

  3. 25th July 2015 / 7:19 am

    What a lovely day out that was, love that you saved up vouchers too makes it a really cheap day out.

  4. 27th July 2015 / 8:42 am

    Great photos! If you want to go again Tescos have 50% off vouchers! We went there last year whilst we were on holiday near Weymouth! We’re currently on holiday again and considering another visit! My two small people (now 5 and 3) loved it! Great post! xxx

  5. 16th August 2015 / 5:37 pm

    Looks like you had a fab day! So glad I read your post as I was unaware of the splash area, we are hoping to visit on Tuesday!

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