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Why I blog? - alice & amelia
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Why I blog?

Blogging had never been something I had even considered until my best friend Ellie suggested it. She said you should start a blog about products you like and share things about being a mum that you wanted to know when you were pregnant but didn’t know where to look. So I thought I would give it a go. I looked into wordpress and blogspot and tried blogspot but couldn’t figure it out and preferred the themes on wordpress so went with that.

Since then the last couple of months have really opened my eyes into the world of mummy and daddy bloggers and the community they have going. I wish I had known about it all during my pregnancy (probably didn’t look hard enough). The thing is bloggers – the ones I’ve come across are such nice people and really want to help newbies out which is so lovely.

Now blogging has changed a bit for me it’s such a great way to battle the loneliness of being with a newborn. I mean Amelia is amazing don’t get me wrong but in between sterilising bottles and attempting to keep tidy she is asleep for periods of the day and typing up a blog or reading someone else’s who is in a similar situation or going through something I’ve got to look forward to really doesn’t make you feel so alone. Mummy and daddy blogging is huge and for any mums to be who have questions I’m pretty certain you could find the answer 100 times over with a different life story if you looked into blogs.

I’m hoping to maybe inspire but if not just give someone an inkling of hope that being a young mum isn’t “not another teen mum” but is something to be excited about and maybe someone somewhere will read a post and think oh I can try that or get an idea from it. A new mum or mum to be might read a product review I’ve done in helping them pick out all the things a baby needs from the vast choice we have. And if all that fails I guess I’ve got a diary of memories and thoughts since having Amelia!

A big thank you to Ellie you’ve been amazing and this idea is too!

My views are increasing so hopefully someone will get something from this blog. X


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